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WOMEN IS THE CHOICE FOR DOMESTIC WORK Basically, there are two types of domestic maid work can be found in practice in Malaysia namely, paid domestic work and unpaid domestic maid work. While a maid is employed for doing sundry household tasks on the basis of agreed wage payment, the daily activities performed by the maid in the respective employer’s household may be termed as paid domestic work. On the other hand,  the time spent [...]

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Why We Need Maid?

Why We Need Maid? Let’s be realistic, as working urbanites how many of us have the luxury to leave the office at 5pm every day? On average, usually I will go back around 7pm or 8pm or later because there are some many deadlines to clear and also to avoid the rush hour jam. By the time I reached home I am so exhausted and on top of that, I am staying and taking care [...]


PEMBANTU RUMAH MAID AGENCY MALAYSIA Rutin seharian mummy.. keluar bekerja, balik kerja pulan nak kena selesaikan hal rumah, masak, jaga anak, layan anak, fuh banyak pulak yang nak perlu disenaraikan. Dari pagi hingga ke pagi buat kerja rumah. Penat, memang penat.. Tapi, ada banyak solusi sebenarnya. Yang susah, insyaallah boleh jadi senang. Antaranya, mummy boleh mencari pembantu rumah untuk meringankan beban kerja-kerja rumah. Untuk Bacaan : Domestics Worker or Mentor Mummy pun, bukan boleh buat [...]

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Migrant Maids are in Malaysia to Help Us

Snow White is from Karen State, Myanmar. Her father died when she was 11, leaving her responsible for the care of her mother and younger siblings. Lacking opportunity and education in her hometown, Snow White joined  millions of women who set out across international borders in search of a better life. Lacking access to social services and legal protection, these migrant women are often subjected to abuses such as low wages and harsh working and [...]

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MAID AGENCY MALAYSIA – Agensi Cempaka Allied Sdn. Bhd

MAID AGENCY MALAYSIA - Agensi Cempaka Allied Sdn. Bhd a Blogger review by MAMA DARWIISH Pengambilan pekerja asing khususnya pembantu rumah di Malaysia sangat besar skalanya ekoran kesibukan bekerja yang memerlukan pembantu untuk menguruskan kerja rumah, mengasuh anak dan sebagainya. Pengambilan pekerja asing perlulah melalui agensi yang berdaftar dan dipercayai bagi mengelakkan sebarang masalah dikemudian hari. Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd atau dikenali sebagai Maid Agency Malaysia adalah agensi yang dipercayai yang telah ditubuhkan [...]

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FACTORS THAT MAY LEAD TO MISTREATMENT OF MAIDS IN MALAYSIA We had been hearing a lot of cases of inhuman act by Malaysian home employers against foreign maids while some accuse maid agencies in Malaysia ripe out excessive charges. It can be easily seen through a google map review by AMAZIN TALENT “Maid agencies in Malaysia are more like human trafficking. Maids here are treated like crap. They work hard and are treated like slaves. [...]

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Questions to Ask Before Hire a Maid in Malaysia

Questions to Ask Before Hire a Maid in Malaysia As an expat or even Malaysian, like most of working adults employing a domestic helper of maid become a necessity. While, Maid Agency like Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd , a legally registered Malaysian Business that provide guidance and professional services in recruiting foreign maids, we taught of listing out   some questions you may ask prospect domestic helper. The questions are: Has she taken any first [...]

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TIPS Menggaji Pembantu Rumah Indonesia

TIPS Menggaji Pembantu Rumah Indonesia Some tips for Malaysian to Employ Indonesian Maids        Merapatkan jurang budaya di antara dua benua dan persefahaman antara dua darjat adalah suatu tugas yang amat sukar. Namun toleransi dan persefahaman mampu meredakan tegangan. Tips-tips di bawah mungkin boleh membantu anda bagi memahami pembantu dan mengurangkan jurang persefahaman terutama dalam tempoh penyesuaian di tahun pertama.  "Ya Allah, jauhkan kami daripada majikan yang kejam kepada pembantu seperti menyisihkan pembantu [...]

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Did You Agree – Influx of Foreign Workers Caused Malaysian Wage Structure?

Did you AGREE that “ The entry of foreign workers especially illegal migrants including domestic house maids in large amounts has caused negative outcome towards the wage structure from continuously increasing.” Probably the following inputs extracted from few research papers might able to assist reads or Malaysian in general. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is transforming ASEAN into region with free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and freer flow of capital. While, ASEAN Socio-Cultural [...]

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DOMESTIC MAID  OR MENTOR? Probably most of us might have seen one of most watch video Maid vs Mother  as embedded here. Hopefully we didn’t stir any misconception about employing maid or foreign domestic worker.  Like it or not many families in Malaysia have to employ a live-in maid or foreign domestic worker not only to do household tasks, but also looks after children or elders while parents are working. Quite a number of maids [...]

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