Domestic Worker Recruiting System to Be Fully Operational

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The system that will be used to recruit Indonesian domestic worker is expected to be fully operational in November, says Indonesian Ambassador Hermono. He said that job order requests are currently being processed manually before the system comes online. "There are still some technical issues that need to be fixed," said Hermono after a business

5 Star Rated Domestic Helper Agency in Klang Valley

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Who is a Domestic Helper? According to a Domestic Helper or “domestic servant” means a person employed in connection with the work of a private dwelling house and not in connection with any trade, business, or profession carried on by the employer in such dwelling - house and includes a cook, house servant,

Maid Agencies Need Stricter Rules

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Maid agency fees are expensive and yet many agencies do little to verify the credibility of a foreign domestic worker's background, capability and integrity. Since the departure of our wonderful long-term helper of nine years, my family has had the most unpleasant experiences both with unscrupulous agencies and with unqualified, dishonest helpers over the past


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With the increasing number of dual income families in Malaysia, there is demand to hire house maid or domestic helpers to help families alleviate the pressures of maintaining a clean household, babysitting kids, caring for elderly parents, caring for the sick and the usual household tasks of cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. According to the