What are the eligibility requirements for employers to recruit Foreign Maids?

a) Employers must be Malaysian citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia only

b) The employer must be a husband and wife with:  

  1. Children under 15 (in need of care and attention)   
  2. Children with disabilities (no age limit)  
  3. Employer / wife of sick / sick employer   
  4. Sick / ill parents; or   
  5. Family member who is sick / sick (siblings, grandparents only)

c) For the purpose of caring for a sick / ill parent or family member, a confirmation letter from a medical professional is required. Employers who take foreign maids for the purpose of caring for their immediate parents / family should provide clear proof of the relationship

d)Foreign maid applications for the purpose of caring for the immediate parents / family are limited  parents / families with no fixed income only

e) The monthly income eligibility of the employer is based on the total income of the husband and wife. Employers’ household income eligibility ranges from RM3,000 to RM5,000 (according to source country)

f) Employers consisting of husband and wife can only employ one foreign maid at a time

g) For maid applications submitted by the spouse / spouse, priority should be given so that the husband’s name is used as the primary employer

h) Eligible single parents with income eligibility are allowed to file maid application.

i) For employers with a single status, it is permissible to employ a maid specifically to care for sick / sick parents only

j) The following employers are not eligible to be considered:

  1. Declared bankruptcy by the authorities
  2. Blacklisted by the Department of Labour or
  3. Has cases not yet resolved with the Immigration Department of Malaysia

k) Muslim employers are only allowed to employ maids who are Muslim only.

l) The employer must complete a contract of employment between the employer and the maid. If the application is submitted by the spouse / spouse, the contract of employment must be completed by the primary employer.

m) Employers must also apply for an Insurance Policy to employ a maid where the policy must include aspects of accident, death and medical treatment.