We have a ready pool bio-data of trained maids from Philippines  (Filipino), Indonesia especially from Jawa & Acheh ,  Thai and Vietnam maids are upon request. We provides clean and healthy maids and we guaranteed a replacement within 6 months of agreed period. Client home employer looking for maid has to oblige with the government rules and guidelines.

Our Services, include :

Source and recruiting quality home maids or domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and other countries

We help our clients to apply for:

    • New Maid
    • Re-entry of Old Maid
    • Transfer Maid
    • Formal Worker
    • Renewal of passport
    • Arrange medical check-up
    • Arrange Air ticket and transport
    • Check out memo for departing maid
    • General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Malaysia
    • In-house training for the maid
    • Maid’s salary remittance
    • Maid’s insurance for personal accident, medical and run away
    • Embassy processing OEC ( If the maid wants to go back to Philippine for holiday)
    • Embassy processing POEA – contract will be expired after 2 years

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To get a maid, an applicant is required to submit the following documents.
(Senarai Semak Permohonan untuk Pembantu Rumah Asing (PRA) )

maid agency malaysia_maidfilipino

  1. Borang PRA1   
  2. Borang Permohonan Pas Lawatan (IM.12-PIN.1/97)
  3. Borang Permohonan Visa (IM.38-PIN.1/93)
  4. Borang Personal Bond (RM10.00 Setem)
  5. Perjanjian kontrak (RM10.00 setem)(2 set asal & 2 set salinan)
  6. 1 salinan IC Suami & Isteri
  7. 1 salinan passport pembantu rumah asing. (detail, page stamp masuk)
  8. Borang perakuan daripada majikan yang x guna Agensi (permohonan individu) – Lampiran C
  9. 1 salinan kwsp (both)
  10. 1 salinan slip gaji 3 bulan (both)
  11. 1 salinan sijil lahir anak bawa 15 tahun
  12.  Bil utiliti tertera alamat rumah (pengesahan: if berbeza dgn alamat rumah)
  13.  1 salinan sijil khawin
  14. Surat Permohonan (Rayuan) JP Visa

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