Did you AGREE that “ The entry of foreign workers especially illegal migrants including domestic house maids in large amounts has caused negative outcome towards the wage structure from continuously increasing.”

Probably the following inputs extracted from few research papers might able to assist reads or Malaysian in general.

  1. ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) is transforming ASEAN into region with free movement of goods, services, investment, skilled labor, and freer flow of capital. While, ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community  (ASCC)  will make a people-oriented and socially responsible community with a view to achieving enduring solidarity and unity among the people and ASEAN countries . AEC emphasize freer movement of skilled labor while the ASCC enhanced the well-being, livelihood, and welfare of the people.  High-skilled professionals are provided with some rights and benefits, facilitated, and widely announced as target of integration policies. Low-skilled migrants are equipped with very limited rights, not facilitated, ignored, and hardly subject to integration approaches.
  2. Lack job opportunities, in our neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia encourage its citizens to migrate. Therefore, they can sustain the life of their families. On average, most low-skilled workers in Indonesia and Vietnam work under $1 daily salary. Cambodia and Laos, also half of Indonesia’s population, lives below the poverty line with $2 daily income. It encourages these people to earn a bigger salary either as labour or house maid and venture abroad.
  3. Based on the number of immigrants and emigrants, ASEAN countries can be divided into two categories. Philippines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR, Vietnam and Indonesia are migrants sending countries. These countries have high numbers of emigrant. Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand are countries with high level of immigrant. Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia act as the main receiver for migrant workers coming from Indonesia and Philippines.Influx of foreign maids
  4. Factors like major development and lack of work force in importing countries are among the significant source for the entry of foreign workers including domestic maids into the country. Besides that, imbalanced economic development and change in prices of goods in certain regions will also cause an increase in migration.
  5. The government is also seen as not conducting enough studies that are detail and precise in making foreign workers policy especially in evaluating aspects like work force demands and offers in Malaysia. The government usually says that the need for workers and maids especially with partial or no skills, are based on the current needs but what is obvious is that their entry is becoming more and in some cases the role of local workers are neglected.
  6. There are also employers who are willing to hire illegal immigrants just because they want to gain multiple times the profit even though it involves local security. With the uncontrollable entry of foreign workers, eventually it will be a threat to the national security especially in the economy and social context. This phenomenon has also given threat to the amity of the people, when a local worker is forced to compete with a foreign worker to get employed.

The contribution of foreign workers that include domestic maid to generate economic activities in the country is still relevant. But then, what is more important is that the control and enforcement of immigration policies need to be relevant with the current request so that their inflow will not threaten the national security and the peace of the people. May, we have your opinion.