How do I find  a reliable maid agencies in Malaysia?

Got this question boggling in your mind?  We are sure if you have access to internet, you will post it to Google search, Facebook, Twitter or other social media.    You might also check business directory sites such as Yellowpages Malaysia.

reliable maid agency

The searches may result with  tons of maid recruitment agencies list who provide full-time or part time maids.  Your search result most probably includes some part time unregistered maid agencies too. Here are some  do’s and don’t’s  for you to continue researching for reliable and registered maid agencies in Malaysia :

    1. Firstly try to establish how old are they and their registration certificates exhibited either at their website or social media sites. We, Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd was established since 2003 and have displayed our main registration certs at our website.

2. Find out if the maid agency can provide replacement. If yes, what are the terms and conditions attached. Just review our website and Facebook page, we probably the first professionally managed maid agency in Malaysia to provide 6 months runaway maid replacement guarantee. This is not a strategy to attract customer but rather trust on our selection , recruitment and training process.

3. Search about them online (forums) if they have had any bad complaints from past customers.

4. Interview the maids personally. Understand their background, ask them work related questions and give them real life situations problems to solve.

Finding the perfect or right maid  is a tedious process but if you  do your research right or leave it to us, we surely will do our best to be your most reliable maid agency .