Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd or known as Maid agency Malaysia is a trusted and established name since 2003.

We have successfully advised and assisted hundreds of employers in their quests to find live-in domestic help, with a significant proportion from repeat business. Some of our clients’ children continue to use our services when they set up homes by their own.

Each of our full time staff has at least 20 years of experience serving in the sourcing, recruiting and training foreign maid or domestic workersy. The core group of our service staff has worked with Maid agency Malaysia for more than 12 years with direct experience on a range of foreign domestic worker recruitment situations and issues.

Maid agency malaysia

Every member of our firm works together to deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities and collective judgment for our clients. Needless to say, our experience as most professional maid agency in Malaysia is your best assurance.

The key business partners whom we work with, including the foreign recruiters, Maid agency Malaysia partners at source countries and government have been our working partners since the year we commenced business. We are proud to have fostered strong ties with these service providers who share the same core values as us to serve you well.

Leveraging our decades of experience as well as suite of trusted business partners,  Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd has built a strong and consistent track record of advising employers and facilitating thousands of placements of foreign domestic workers in Malaysia, including for our own business uses.

We avoid gimmicks, lucky draws or cheap sale promotions. To this day, our 12-years old business continues to grow mainly by word of mouth either person to person or through latest social medias to leverage its placement experience for its clients’ benefit .

What Set Maid Agency Malaysia Apart From The Rest?

  • Our experience is your best assurance.
  • Our Service Agreement is fair, comprehensive and transparent.
  • Terms and conditions of service transactions are clearly stated, with no hidden charges.
  • We do not promise what we cannot deliver.
  • We deliver service you expect: honest, personalised and at competitive prices.
  • Our most valuable asset is our friendly staff who are well versed with what they are trained to do and are highlymotivated to offer services at a consistent level of excellence.