Never Send Your Parents To Old Folks Home 

When I choose to write about aging parents, came across this short yet very powerful message video about parents in isolation and loneliness.

While, most of us unable to spend some quality time with our aging parents due to work hectic moreover the family priority given to our own children and spouse. Even then, some outsource the task to maids handpicked , recruited and trained by a professional maid agency, Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd.

In Malaysia, we noted an emerging trend where aging parent(s) either staying alone or been sent to senior nursing care home since they believe, it is not unethical. If you aren’t able to take out the time from your schedule to tend to the needs of your aging parents, it is much better to put them in a senior nursing home where they are taken care of constantly.  The common arguments:

  • You can go about your daily business, without having to constantly worry about their wellbeing.
  • Professional doctors and nurses are present 24/7 and can assist your parents in a heartbeat.
  • A nursing home has access to medicines and emergency equipment in case any resident suddenly starts feeling ill.
  • You can conveniently spend time with your parents whenever you have a day to spare and on weekends.
  • The environment of good quality nursing homes is nourishing, bright and lively, to keep any negative thoughts at bay.
  • Regular activities are also organized for the elderly to counter boredom and stagnation.
  • They can be assisted by a professional in all their day to day chores in a nursing home.

And last but not the least, they can make new friends who are in a similar phase of their life. This can be a great way for the elderly to cope with their respective futures.


Wait a minute, don’t you feel guilty of neglecting your responsibility?

Did they leave you when you were young?

Why should you leave them when they are old?

Life comes around a full circle. Once you grow older, your needs become just like that of a baby. You demand attention and care from your loved ones. For a parent, there is no other loved one more than their own child. If they do not take care of the parents, who will?

For a parent, there is no other loved one more than their own child. If they do not take care of the parents, who will?

So, now you want to be a good child! You taught  your parents cared for you and now, as they age, it’s natural that you want to care for them.  At first,  we’ll stop over at their home and do what they need you to do. That can work for a while, when all that’s needed is some help with errands,  fixing a meal now and then. It’s kind of a pleasant way to help out and show our love for our parents.  

However as care needs increase, we are faced with more decisions. This means having your parents move in with you. If there is enough room so everyone has privacy and the personalities, especially of your spouse blend, this can work. However, before making such a move, make sure your head is as engaged as your heart.

You’re in a dilemma as your heart experiencing the love of your parent with  a guilty feeling of not taking care them well due to day to day work load.

What option do you have? Speak to professional maid agency in Malaysia, Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd. We will do our best to recruit and train a domestic maid specialized in senior care. Still hen, you may outsource some task not your love and being with them. If you decided to Never Send Your  Parents To Old Folks Home , Speak To Us.