Questions to Ask Before Hire a Maid in Malaysia

As an expat or even Malaysian, like most of working adults employing a domestic helper of maid become a necessity. While, Maid Agency like Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd , a legally registered Malaysian Business that provide guidance and professional services in recruiting foreign maids, we taught of listing out   some questions you may ask prospect domestic helper.

The questions are:

  1. Has she taken any first aid courses.

You may have a new born baby or some elders at home. Knowing some first aid surely will assist in time of need.  Knowing first aid may not be a necessary, but it will come handy in case of emergency.

  1. Is she married, and does she have children?

Asking a prospect maid about her personal question, why should I need to know it? Probably those in business might aware about supply chain. Married or those with children basically had high responsibilities similar to us. They need steady income to feed children at home.

  1. Find out why she is doing this job, or her future plan.

Knowing about future plan may ale to assist to access her level of commitments. They too are human beings, similar to our parents and we at current stage, prospect maid or domestic helper wanted to build new house at her village, send her children good schools or aid their ailing parents at home. Probably as employer we too can guide her to plan her exit plan and where possible lend helping hand.

  1. Find out if she knows any nursery rhymes or what games she likes to play with children.

Nursery rhymes are fun, children love them, and they provide a warm, nurturing experience between parent and children. Those parents with young child, a maid with some knowledge of nursery rhymes may able to assist child to learn it while parents away at work. Even, latest technology need an adult to guide , surely you will agree with us.

  1. What’s her favourite ‘go to’ recipe? Ask her to talk you through how she makes it.

Ask your future helper to narrate her go to recipe so that you may understand her ability to speak either English or any local dialect. You may able to understand some of her taste as well.

  1. Ask for references, and if you can speak to her previous employer?

Some, maids might had experience working in Malaysia before. By knowing her previous employer and if she allow you may able to understand her seriousness. Not necessarily, you wanted to talk to past employer, but rather to understand her willingness to advise references.

Normally those with bad experiences or run away maids will shy away from providing such information.

  1. Find what recipes she can cook for kids or elderly parents

Some of primary reason for Malaysian to hire maid is to take care their home cleanliness, while some prefer to have a maid that able to cook for their family too. You might had some preference for elder parents or rising children at home. Talk to your prospect domestic helper to know if she can cook or has the ability to learn from you once she was employed.

  1. Ask her what she feels her strengths are, what is she best at?

This will be an additional bonus, who knows if she can speak good English or can work out some mathematics. School going children may able to do their homework without disturbing you at work.

This are some basic questions one, as employer  the decision to identify  what kind of domestic maid needed is yours. Talk to legally licensed and professional maid agency like Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd for guidance, the only maid agency in Malaysia that offer up to 6 months maid runaway guarantee.  You may reach them via Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp them at 6016  6667525.

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