Tell your Maid how to Take Care your Newborn Baby?


As a professional and reliable maid agency in Malaysia, we always receive queries about maid recruitment, maid taking care newborn and elders and etc.. In this post Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd (or Cempaka Allied) maid recruitment specialist would like to discuss a question post by a soon to be mum.

“I am a manager with one of largest corporate going to have a baby very soon. My career will jeopardize, if we could not find a house maid to take care of our baby when I join back work after maternity leave. 

Let me know, what should we keep in mind so as to derive maximum while avoiding the common pit falls of having send my child to babysitter or day care centres. I also had heard a lot of bad things about maids like:

  1. they tend to watch a lot of TV,
  2. beating up infants while parents away ,
  3. some maids can turn abusive and teach bad words to kids
  4. or, simply do not follow instructions

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Cempaka Allied reply :

Well, we agree it’s really tough to find a genuinely concern maid whom able to care your baby. Anyhow, since you have to entrust the maid to care newborn it’s your responsibility to train and get her to practice in your presence on :

  1. how to carry, feed and bathe your infant,
  2. remind your baby’s feeding and sleeping routine 
  3. things to do in keeping your baby safe while sleeping

Malaysia Maid how to Take Care your Newborn Baby

Taking care after someone’s baby is a huge responsibility. Since, you’re going to hand over this responsibility a new person, do practice and train your maid on the followings:

a. always have your contact number handy including some emergency numbers 

b. Inform your maid about the hospital closest to your house and how to get there, should the need to take your child to hospital arise.

c. Remember to tell her even when she is taking a break to always keep an eye on your little one and to never leave baby alone even for a few minutes.

d. Stress the importance of being hygiene particularly washing her hands properly after using bathroom , changing the baby’s diaper, before feeding, picking up baby and preparing  food.

e. You could give your helper a schedule of her day’s work to help her manage her time properly.

f.  Write down or print out a set of instructions or things to do and pass it to you maid. The best is to keep a diary of task to be done or completed.

You need to entrust your maid as a caregiver of your child while she needs to show you that she can be trusted. Talk to your domestic helper of being responsible particularly to notify you of any mistakes when it comes to the care of your baby.

As a responsible maid agency in Malaysia, we aware it’s not an easy task to have a maid that loves your baby as you do.  Always take some time from you busy schedule to check on your baby’s physical condition while showering your love. Should you found any abnormal, you might want to consider recruiting a new maid.