The Role of Maid Agency in Malaysia professionally managed by Agensi Pekerjaaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd realize that many Malaysian begin to  search for  a recruitment agency (more popularly known as the maid agency). 

As an established maid agency based in Bandar Puchong Jaya, we  find  a foreign maid or a helper  (in Malay Pembantu Rumah atau Orang Gaji ) for people like you and, more importantly, deals with the immigration and travel issues involved in getting the maid properly into Malaysia, from paperwork to travel arrangements. Home employer should always ensure that they  you appoint a reputable maid agency registered with the Immigration Department  and relevant agencies in the maid origin country.

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The responsibility of a maid agency in Malaysia like us includes :

a) To provide profile of maid candidates, especially her working experience, age and martial status

b) To guide in preparing documents required by the Malaysian Immigration Department as per stand checklist.

c) To work on clearance upon her arrival at the airport

d) To notify home employer to follow up procedures such as medical test.

e) Notify cost involve in advance.

f) Maid agency Malaysia provides a standard two-year contract with following clauses :

  1. another maid free of charge if your maid runs away in the first three to six months;
  2. another maid free of charge if your maid fails her medical tests;
  3. another maid or further training free of charge if your maid performs far below expectations.

What is the cost to have a foreign maid?

As you aware, nowadays human resources don’t come cheap since it involves lots of procedures at country of origin and employing country. Maid agency in Malaysia usually will charge the following :

  1. Our fees  and our representative feed  in the maid’s country of origin
  2. Three months advance salary
  3. Government Levies and processing fees for the maid’s work permit
  4. medical insurance;
  5. Air travel cost  from the maid’s country of origin to Malaysia

We are at MaidAgencyMalaysia Malaysia accept a deposit of RM1,000 while the rest is to be paid upon approval.  Still need more clarification , speak to us now .