Tips on Recruiting Domestic Helper by Maid Agency Malaysia  

Today, Maid Agency Malaysia  a professional  domestic helper or home maid sourcing and recruiting agency in Malaysia would like to share some tips on  how to choose a foreign maid. Since,  we Malaysian very fond to have foreign maids from Indonesia , Philippines (Filipino) or Vietnam.

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To avoid cases such as baby torturing by the maid or sexual abuse by home employers, here are a few tips you should consider prior recruiting a domestic helper  based on our experience and observations.

Here are some basic tips :

  1. Choose a married maid – we are sure most of the wives will agree with us , while on the other hand losses husbands losses their smile. Maid Agency Malaysia recommends a married maid (preferably 30 years and above) since they have experience of taking care their own child and understand the value of couples having children. This should be the priority of home employers looking domestic helper primarily to take care their young ones.   Based on our experience younger maids would have their boyfriends within the vicinity of their employment, that could have some effect in discharge their duties. They could have made the arrangement prior travelling to Malaysia.
  2. Communications – in the current age, and owing to basic human rights we cann’t outright disallow the usage of mobile phone. As home employer and human beings, we too must understand they too have loved one whom they left just to earn money. Maid Agency Malaysia aware some home employers might argue that the work and responsibility being ignored when usage of mobile phone allowed. For that reason, we suggest letting them use mobile phones during their break hour or within agreed time .
  3. Avoid recruiting maids that have been working in Malaysia- this not because we wanted to make extra bucks. The primary reason to avoid legal problems and facing the music by Malaysian authorities. More ever, Maid Agency Malaysia has had experience is hearing clients sharing of problems caused by this kind of maids.  

The above tips was shared so that current or prospect home employers could avoid some mistakes. Come speak to us at Maid Agency Malaysia or visit us for free consultation.  We are located within the heart of vibrant Puchong township opposite of IOI Shopping Mall and rows of major banks.