We need a maid soon as my wife and I are expecting a child in next two months.  We, had so many bad experiences maid agencies particularly those unregistered individuals. Almost all those kind of maid agencies will requesting us to pay huge upfront fee.  If that maid ends up not being qualified or has an attitude, you might not able to replace or probably once.

Beware of SCAM by some unauthorized individuals or even some maid agency, they trick customers using almost similar tactics:

  1. The maid works for a couple of weeks, then when they finally earn their first salary, they pay off all their debts,
  2. They return back to the agency, to take some rest till their so called maid agency finds another potential employer. The maid uses the money she’s earned to relax and go shopping. She gets free room and food while she is staying in the agency so the money she earned is pure profit.
  3. The agency makes another round of maid recruitment fee

Malaysia Maid how to Take Care your Newborn Baby

The more replacement, the more money they make. The agency actually earn more money if the maid runaway or doesn’t last long. Their priority is to provide maids for new customers, not replacements for existing customers. They make money on new customers, not existing ones that need replacement. That model is such a scam. This kind of freelance maid recruiter or unscrupulous maid agencies in Malaysia already tarnishing good maid agencies in Malaysia such as Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd .

Let us share an experience of one of our customer :

“ Our last maid was horrible. Her brother was  addicted to drug. He will  constantly text me and my wife. The maid herself couldn’t stand for his torture. We decided to send her back and  and asked for a replacement.

We taught it lucky to get replacement immediately. But to our dismay she was illiterate and couldn’t even operate a thermos to boil water.  Boom, another thousand flown, plus the salary of both maids that didn’t even last a month. That’s a total of RM20 thousand gone into waste.”

Adding “ we are decent people. We don’t curse, shout, or mistreat our employees. We are fair and we pay weekly or monthly. We give benefits and provide minimum wage if the maid deserves it. We  manage our own  firm that employees 27 people and we have had no complaints on our treatment as employers. I feel like these maids are just using us as a “Quick way to earn money then quit” type of deal.”

maid agency malaysia guarantee

WHERE DO YOU GUYS FIND MAIDS IN MALAYSIA?  The customer told us that he wishes there was a maid agency out there that has online reviews and resumes of each maid in their firm. That way the firm and the maid have an online record and you get to see how things really are. There should be a way for there to be a consequence for maids who don’t last a month. Let that be on their online review record.

I can’t have my child around people like that. Would love to hear your advice.

Maid agency Malaysia managed by Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd guided the customer to select home maid from our preselected profile and photos including their capabilities. Beside that, we train the maid to understand local culture and needs.

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