Why We Need Maid?

Why We Need Maid? Let’s be realistic, as working urbanites how many of us have the luxury to leave the office at 5pm every day? On average, usually I will go back around 7pm or 8pm or later because there are some many deadlines to clear and also to avoid the rush hour jam. By the time I reached home I am so exhausted and on top of that, I am staying and taking care [...]

Questions to Ask Before Hire a Maid in Malaysia

Questions to Ask Before Hire a Maid in Malaysia As an expat or even Malaysian, like most of working adults employing a domestic helper of maid become a necessity. While, Maid Agency like Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd , a legally registered Malaysian Business that provide guidance and professional services in recruiting foreign maids, we taught of listing out   some questions you may ask prospect domestic helper. The questions are: Has she taken any first [...]

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WHERE DO YOU GUYS FIND MAIDS IN MALAYSIA? We need a maid soon as my wife and I are expecting a child in next two months.  We, had so many bad experiences maid agencies particularly those unregistered individuals. Almost all those kind of maid agencies will requesting us to pay huge upfront fee.  If that maid ends up not being qualified or has an attitude, you might not able to replace or probably once. Beware [...]

Never Send Your Parents To Old Folks Home

Never Send Your Parents To Old Folks Home  When I choose to write about aging parents, came across this short yet very powerful message video about parents in isolation and loneliness. While, most of us unable to spend some quality time with our aging parents due to work hectic moreover the family priority given to our own children and spouse. Even then, some outsource the task to maids handpicked , recruited and trained by a [...]

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