Why We Need Maid?

Why We Need Maid? Let’s be realistic, as working urbanites how many of us have the luxury to leave the office at 5pm every day? On average, usually I will go back around 7pm or 8pm or later because there are some many deadlines to clear and also to avoid the rush hour jam. By the time I reached home I am so exhausted and on top of that, I am staying and taking care [...]


PEMBANTU RUMAH MAID AGENCY MALAYSIA Rutin seharian mummy.. keluar bekerja, balik kerja pulan nak kena selesaikan hal rumah, masak, jaga anak, layan anak, fuh banyak pulak yang nak perlu disenaraikan. Dari pagi hingga ke pagi buat kerja rumah. Penat, memang penat.. Tapi, ada banyak solusi sebenarnya. Yang susah, insyaallah boleh jadi senang. Antaranya, mummy boleh mencari pembantu rumah untuk meringankan beban kerja-kerja rumah. Untuk Bacaan : Domestics Worker or Mentor Mummy pun, bukan boleh buat [...]

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TIPS Menggaji Pembantu Rumah Indonesia

TIPS Menggaji Pembantu Rumah Indonesia Some tips for Malaysian to Employ Indonesian Maids        Merapatkan jurang budaya di antara dua benua dan persefahaman antara dua darjat adalah suatu tugas yang amat sukar. Namun toleransi dan persefahaman mampu meredakan tegangan. Tips-tips di bawah mungkin boleh membantu anda bagi memahami pembantu dan mengurangkan jurang persefahaman terutama dalam tempoh penyesuaian di tahun pertama.  "Ya Allah, jauhkan kami daripada majikan yang kejam kepada pembantu seperti menyisihkan pembantu [...]

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DOMESTIC MAID  OR MENTOR? Probably most of us might have seen one of most watch video Maid vs Mother  as embedded here. Hopefully we didn’t stir any misconception about employing maid or foreign domestic worker.  Like it or not many families in Malaysia have to employ a live-in maid or foreign domestic worker not only to do household tasks, but also looks after children or elders while parents are working. Quite a number of maids [...]

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WHERE DO YOU GUYS FIND MAIDS IN MALAYSIA? We need a maid soon as my wife and I are expecting a child in next two months.  We, had so many bad experiences maid agencies particularly those unregistered individuals. Almost all those kind of maid agencies will requesting us to pay huge upfront fee.  If that maid ends up not being qualified or has an attitude, you might not able to replace or probably once. Beware [...]


WHY WE ARE THE MAID AGENCY MALAYSIA? Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd or known as Maid agency Malaysia is a trusted and established name since 2003. We have successfully advised and assisted hundreds of employers in their quests to find live-in domestic help, with a significant proportion from repeat business. Some of our clients’ children continue to use our services when they set up homes by their own. Each of our full time staff [...]

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Maid – Caring and Moulding our Future Generation.

Maid - Caring and Moulding our Future Generation. At the point when confronted with designating childcare obligation to another person, notwithstanding, we as parents  can rapidly end up remaining on a dangerous incline. Discovering, employing and keeping the correct individual is not a simple undertaking. For some Malaysian, the work of a maid (residential assistant or a domestic helper)  seen as second rate class undertaking. Let us understand our they are playing a vital role [...]

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How Malaysian can be Better Employer to their Maid?

How Malaysian can be  better employer to their Maid? The following article was extracted from Babycenter for sharing at Maid agency Malaysia dot com. What ever the world thinks. Maids working in Malaysia needs a work conditions that will help her do her best to your family members including to your baby. Reasonable terms of employment  Malaysian labour laws specifically exclude domestic helpers, but that does not mean you cannot provide terms that will enable [...]

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Maid Agency Malaysia helps you to get the Right Maid

Maid Agency Malaysia helps you to get the Right Maid Maid agency Malaysia a unit of Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd professionally identify and recruit the right maid since : We are sure you've might have read in the newspaper , heard it on the radio ,  seen it on the TV or notice it on social media news about maids stealing home employers money or valuables such as  You seen CCTV footage showing domestic helpers [...]

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Tips on Recruiting Domestic Helper by Maid Agency Malaysia

Tips on Recruiting Domestic Helper by Maid Agency Malaysia   Today, Maid Agency Malaysia  a professional  domestic helper or home maid sourcing and recruiting agency in Malaysia would like to share some tips on  how to choose a foreign maid. Since,  we Malaysian very fond to have foreign maids from Indonesia , Philippines (Filipino) or Vietnam. To avoid cases such as baby torturing by the maid or sexual abuse by home employers, here are a [...]

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