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Agensi Pekerjaan Cempaka Allied Sdn Bhd is the premier and professionally managed maid agency in Malaysia. We specializes in training, sourcing and recruiting domestic house maids from the Philippines (Filipino Maid), Indonesia and the region.

As an independent professional maid agency in Malaysia  we upheld high ethical standards that you can trust.  We offer superior quality and guaranteed for our services.

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Malaysian Employing Maid – Is it a Need or Luxury?

According to data provided by Malaysian Association of Foreign Maid Agencies (PAPA) Malaysian households employed nearly 200,000 foreign maids -mostly from Indonesia, followed  from Philippines, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Despite then the demand for foreign [...]

  • Maid agency malaysia


WHERE DO YOU GUYS FIND MAIDS IN MALAYSIA? We need a maid soon as my wife and I are expecting a child in next two months.  We, had so many bad experiences maid agencies particularly [...]

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Tell your Maid how to Take Care your Newborn Baby?

Tell your Maid how to Take Care your Newborn Baby? Question: As a professional and reliable maid agency in Malaysia, we always receive queries about maid recruitment, maid taking care newborn and elders and [...]

  • reliable maid agency

How Do I Find A Reliable Maid Agencies in Malaysia?

How do I find  a reliable maid agencies in Malaysia? Got this question boggling in your mind?  We are sure if you have access to internet, you will post it to Google search, Facebook, Twitter [...]

The only maid agency in Malaysia that provide 6 months maid runaway guarantee.

We strive for excellence and consistency with our staffs are fully trained to recruit suitable domestic maid leaving for your peace of mind.  We offer a personalized service and will devise a maid sourcing and recruiting plan arranged to suit your needs.

You can have confidence that your team of maid specialist will be dedicated to you and will deliver an exceptional service every time.

6 Reasons to Choose us :


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6 Months

6 months maid runaway guarantee.
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Reliable,trustworthy and duly licensed agency in Malaysia and country of maid origin.
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Free counseling services for home employers on how to get good maid
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100% Legal

Provide only legal, well trained and medically fit domestic maids
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Local need

We ensure the maid understand local needs before they being employed
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